We believe that working together is the only alternative to reach a better and more sustainable future in the current state of Climate Change emergency. Community building models that narrow global sustainability awareness into specific local actions, are the first step to achieving global sustainable solutions. We are fully committed to bringing sustainable education to local communities and inspiring local action so everyone can be part of the greater change, and lead the way to a better environment for all.
Get started

Get started

Here are some simple everyday initiatives that can impact your community and the world you live in.

We can all make a difference. Start today, every act counts.




In your home


A list of easy ways to help the climate reality you can start doing today in order to impact the environment of your community. When you get involved into responsible sustainable action, you don’t only help your community. You are also helping everyone else in the planet.


Around your city


We invite every citizen to fight Climate Change by implementing simple everyday solutions in their use of transportation. Thoughts on doable, meaningful steps for improved sustainability. Only individual commitment will lead to an overall community enrichment.

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With your community


Broad community collaboration is the key to achieve the final objective of a greener better environment for you and for the next generation. We inspire action to develop transformative initiatives that impact the environment of all our communities.



The Climate Reality Group is in full support of every initiative that involves transforming the environment to a more eco-friendly one.

Stay up to date with the latest updates of today’s climate reality.



kid change

Meet the New Symbol of Climate Change


Limits on coal emissions would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

bus change

NYC Aims for All-Electric Bus Fleet by 2040


Taking the electric would reduce climate-warming emissions and cut fuel.

woman change

This is how Climate Change Impacts Women


Women are disproportionately affected by climate change all over the world

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What we know about the climate change reality?


Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is totally unequivocal



The Climate Reality Group invites you to be a part of the discussion on how we can protect our environment more effectively and create a safer future for all.

Keep up to date by following our social media channels.

Please help us spread these initiatives that will impact our environment.



Experts say we can expect oceans to rise between 11 and 38 inches by 2100 enough to swamp many of the cities along the U.S.
#ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague

Almost 90% of Americans don’t know there’s scientific consensus on global warming #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague

Last year weather and climate-related disasters cost the United States a record $306 billion. Climate change is affecting every single one of us. #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague

The rise in the United States temperature and the increase in CO2 shown on the graph below. #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague

About one in three Americans think people in the U.S. are being harmed by climate change right now #ClimateChangeIsReal #TheClimateLeague

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